Where can I learn theory necessary for SimpleITK

Hi, I am an absolute beginner when it comes to ITK and I am tasked with performing a fairly complex image registration task ( Registration of thermal images ). I ran a few example notebooks within the repo and I wanted to learn about the theory behind the algorithms. I was wondering if there are any blog posts any books I could refer. Until now I have only gone through the SimpleITK tutorial.

Hello @aryamansriram,

The ITK/SimpleITK registration frameworks are what is known as classical registration (non deep learning). Below are various papers and books you may find useful.


  • A. Sotiras, C. Davatzikos, N. Paragios, “Deformable Medical Image Registration: A Survey”, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 32(7), 1153-1190, 2013.
  • M. Holden, “A Review of Geometric Transformations for Nonrigid Body Registration”, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 27(1), 111-128, 2008.
  • B. Zitova, J. Flusser, “Image registration methods: a survey”, Image and Vision Computing, 21(11), 977-1000, 2003.
  • J. P. W. Pluim, J. B. A. Maintz, M. A. Viergever, “Mutual-Information-Based Registration of Medical Images: A Survey”, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 22(8), 986-1004, 2003.
  • D. L. G. Hill, P. G. Batchelor, M. Holden, D. J. Hawkes, “Medical image registration”, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 46(3), R1-R45, 2001.
  • H. Lester, S. R. Arridge, “A survey of hierarchical non-linear medical image registration”, Pattern Recognition, 32(1), 129-149, 1999.
  • J. B. A. Maintz, M. A. Viergever, “A survey of Medical Image Registration”, Medical Image Analysis, 2(1), 1-37, 1998.


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There is also ITK Software Guide, which is a hybrid of a book and library tutorial.

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