When is the official 5.4.0 Release coming?

I googled around a bit for the release schedule for ITK and came up with:

But nothing really past that. We are patiently waiting for both the 5.4.0 official release and the anaconda packages that go with it so that we can move up from 5.2.1.

Hoping to also have VCPKGs of ITK also updated around the same time.

Having read through the release document for ITK I understand that it is a huge undertaking to get all of these packages in the queue and released. I am curious what the time table for the official 5.4.0 might be?

Thank You.


The update for the 5.4.0 tag has already been merged into the libitk-feedstock for conda-forge:libitk v5.4.0 by regro-cf-autotick-bot · Pull Request #89 · conda-forge/libitk-feedstock · GitHub

It’s not clear to me why the build are not published yet onto anaconda, but hopefully soon. Let me know if you see an issue with the feedstock.

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In addition to the tag, the Python packages are available. Other release components are being minted. The Git tag will not change – it can be used, if that is all that you need. We will make the release announcement when everything is available.