Was itk::simple::AdaptiveHistogramEqualizationImageFilter ever multi-threaded?

Would like to run this filter on some real big images: ~ 8K x 10K x 2K voxels.
Have a cluster and can multi-thread as much as necessary.
Per: https://itk.org/pipermail/community/2015-October/010010.html, was this filter ever multi-threaded?

Alternatively - if I wanted to run the filter on overlapping blocks of the input in separate processes, would specifying the block overlap radius equal to the filter radius guarantee the same output as if I had run on the whole image? I.e. are there any edge effects larger than the filter radius?

This is the commit where significant performance optimizations and multi-threading were implemented:

Are you seeing anything that would indicate the current version is not multi-threaded?

I believe padding the blocks with the radius should address the edge artifacts from splitting the processing.

I have not tested this however, I recommend the answers to these questions are tested and verified.

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