VCPKG Support

Are there plans to support VCPKG with ITK releases, in that will the ITK developers be submitting PRs to the VCPKG repository to update the ITK that is included in VCPKG? The current version is 5.3.0RC2 along with 5.2.1 and 5.2.0.

I see there is a 5.4.0 in the works, is there an estimate on the release date for that?

The planned dates are listed on GitHub. @matt.mccormick might pitch in with the plan.

We are low on resources, and I don’t think anyone has spare time to keep vcpkg up-to-date. Also, a few years ago, when I was submitting pull requests there, they would sit around for weeks before being merged, or even looked at by vcpkg developers.

I was able to cobble together something that we use for our own vcpkg registry based off of the ITK 5.3.0rc4 VCPKG code. Seems to work for our particular use case. I can work with our registry for it. Happy to share with anyone else that might want to try it out.

An up-to-date anaconda package is the most important at this point for us.

@blowekamp Did you maintain the conda package?

I do maintain the conga-forge stack for SimpleITK which includes libitk, libsimpleitk, and SimpleITK.

ITK 5.4.0 is coming roughly at the end of this year.

vcpkg has had fairly good support for ITK for quite some time, maintained by the ITK-vcpkg package contributors.

The latest working ITK available through VCPKG is 5.2.1.

I see 5.3rc02.

And that is an “RC”. Should I be using that in production?

That is a judgment call for you to make, but the release candidates are generally robust – the code base is mature and well tested. Instability or bugs are more likely to exist in new features, if they are used.

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