Upgrade from 413 to 512 and vnl

I’m trying to upgrade an existing project that uses vnl directly for some matrix computations.

for instance

vnl_vector_fixed<float, 4> temp;
loat ctr4[4] = {(float) ctr[0],(float)ctr[1],(float)ctr[2],1.0f };
vnl_float_4x4 inv = vnl_matrix_inverse<float>(volumeMatrixVNL);

vnl_vector_fixed<float, 4> result = inv * temp;

no longer compiles.

Is there a list of changes for vnl that would help me update my code?



I guess you could look at the upstream repository for changes.

@hjmjohnson, is there something like a migration guide for VNL changes done recently-ish?

The best migration guide for vnl is the ITK migration guide and scripts.


I just took a look at the migration guide. There is nothing specific for handling changes in VNL. Scripts could be looked at. Here is a list of ITK commits mentioning vnl_matrix_fixed. There are no mentions of vnl_vector_fixed.