Two 2D/3D image registration

(Mary) #1

Hi everyone,
How can i use ITK framework to register two 2D- fixed images to one 3D moving image?
I tried to edit the source code of itk “itkimageregistration.hxx” and “itkimage registration.h” by adding another fixed image and another metric and give the sum of the cost of these two metrics to the optimizer but I always get errors. Can you please help me?

(Dženan Zukić) #2

There is a remote module TwoProjectionRegistration, which might do what you want. You can enable Module_TwoProjectionRegistration when configuring ITK to build it. More detailed description is in

(Mary) #3

Thank you dzenanz,
I have already seen that module, but i don’t think that it will works in my case. I want to do slicer extraction instead of projection, the idea is every iteration I want to extract 2d slices from 3d volume and register it with the 2d fixed using one transform, I will going to extract the slices by resample the 3d image into the two fixed images.
I think it’s different from projection.