Trigger CI build when new version of Python is released


Quick question regarding ITK “remote” modules wrapped for python.

Travis / Circle / Appveyor provide great help to build the modules !
even if I somehow struggle with the automatic PyPI upload, but that’s not the point

The only *problem* I see here is that new versions of python arrives pretty fast and the manual re-build & upload of wheels seems like something that could be automated to catch up with python releases.

my question is therefore:

Is there a way to trigger a new build when a new version of python is released ?

Hi Thomas,

Currently you need to go into each of the Travis / Circle / Appveyor web administrative panels and retrigger a build.

In the future, we should move to Azure Pipelines builds, which will allow a unifiied interface, avoid timeouts, and resources to store build artifacts (Python packages), and possibly even deploy them to PyPI.


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That’s what I thought…

Seems really promising !

Thanks a lot @matt.mccormick for your answers

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