transform points between image pre/post registration

Hello! Sorry for asking again :’)
I basically have these two red points that identify the centres of the spheres (1st image).
What I do then is to apply a registration (Euler2D) of the image on a reference one, getting the new image. What I want to do then is to place again the red points of the image before the registration on the new image. What I did was simply apply the transform.TransformPoint passing the coordinates of the two red points. After that in theory I should get the points of before placed in the same place at the centre of the two spheres but in the new registered image. The problem is that I get a different result (2nd image). What is the problem?

Be sure you are using homogeneous coordinates as input for your matrix, that means your point vector should have the form p = (px, py, 1)
If you believe your framework already takes care of this then try applying the inverted of the transform you got (just blindly guessing)

Hope it helps

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The point I put it in 2D, so it just has the coordinates (x, y) since also the registration is 2D :thinking:

Try the inverse transform direction.

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