Transfering external module ITKIsotropicWavelets to the InsightSoftwareConsortium

As spoken here:

Some github docs about transfer.
And as Matt pointed out, being a member of InsightSoftwareConsortium should be enough to transfer to it from a personal account.

But the existing fork in ISC should be deleted first @dzenanz @matt.mccormick
InsightSoftwareConsortium/ITKIsotropicWavelets already exists

OK, I will rename it temporarily (until the transfer is complete), out of precaution.

Renamed to InsightSoftwareConsortium/ITKIsotropicWaveletsFork.

Yeah, good point, thanks @dzenanz. Doing it right now…

Hitting: InsightSoftwareConsortium already has a repository in the phcerdan/ITKIsotropicWavelets network

From docs:

Before you transfer a repository, keep these things in mind:

    The target account must not have a repository with the same name, or a fork in the same network.

Maybe you can fork ISC/ITKIsotropicWavelets into your account temporarily and delete the renamed fork in ISC?

Will do!



It worked! has now all the PR and issues of the original repo.

I will check if I have kept write access…

EDIT: yes, I do :slight_smile:

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