SymmetricEigenAnalysisFixedDimension in Python


I’m trying to use SymmetricEigenAnalysisFixedDimension or SymmetricEigenAnalysisFixedDimensionImageFilter in Python by initializing the image filter like in other ITK python example:
eig = itk.SymmetricEigenAnalysisFixedDimension.New()

But I just get this error message:

AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last)
----> 1 eig = itk.SymmetricEigenAnalysisFixedDimension.New()

~/anaconda3/envs/project_b/lib/python3.6/site-packages/ in getattribute(self, attr)
39 def getattribute(self, attr):
—> 40 value = types.ModuleType.getattribute(self, attr)
41 if value is not_loaded:
42 module = self.__belong_lazy_attributes[attr]

AttributeError: module ‘itk’ has no attribute ‘SymmetricEigenAnalysisFixedDimension’

What can I do, to calculate the eigenvalues of the Hessian Matrix, I obtained using ITK HessianRecursiveGaussianImageFilter??

Thanks for the help

Hi @vero,
the itk::SymmetricEigenAnalysisFixedDimension has no Python wrapping. Yet :blush: .

Would you like to contribute to the toolkit and provide the class’ Python wrapping?

Section 3.7 of the ITK Software Guide introduces the Python wrapping mechanism used in ITK, and the ITK CONTRIBUTING document will be helpful to guide you through the contributing process.

It would be a nice contribution :100:, so let us know if you encounter any difficulty.



Wrapping for SymmetricEigenAnalysisImageFilter is added in this pull request:

@vero @jhlegarreta your review would be appreciated!