Suggestions for the Insight Journal

The goal of the Insight Journal, and its commitment with open science and reproducibility is superb. But it could catch up in some areas from my point of view:

  • Give each article a DOI. This could be used to link it from elsewhere (for example Arxiv), count citations, etc.
  • Clean/protect against spam in the free comments.
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Yes, you are right, Pablo.

I have talked with the editors of The Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) about this. They have managed to get DOI’s and maintain DOI’s with a minimal amount of funding. As the Insight Software Consortium reboots, it may be able to support DOI’s. :open_book:

I think the best approach to clean / protect again spam and security issues is to migrate the Insight Journal to a static web site. Updates and articles could be submitted through via pull requests on GitHub, which is the standard mechanism for the open science software contribution. It also will also provide a pass of peer review and prevent any spam. Static websites can be hosted in a sustainable way (for free) on GitHub Pages, Netlify, etc., and easily migrated. They archive well on This has been on my to-do list, but if anyone would like to take it up, please let me know :slight_smile:.


+1 for what @phcerdan and @matt.mccormick have stated. I’ll try to help @matt.mccormick in this task.


I haven’t heard about them before, it’s a super good initiative! The github bot they use for the review process, that whedon seems effective.

I might be able to help in the short future as well with a free-tier heroku powered site (like JOSS), and/or the static website.

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