Suggestion for how making GUI for itk

Hi every one
I wanna make a GUI for itk and vtk libraries. Like what 3d_ slicer provides us, but my own one.
What do you suggest me?

Hi @rasoul,

There are many ways of doing so, but if you are starting in the world of GUI, ITK/VTK usually integrate well with :

You can have a look at the “GettingStarted IV : ITK and GUIs”, that is quite old but still useful to understand how both worlds interact. You can find code example within the ITK Apps even though these are not updated anymore.
If you don’t have specific requirements and don’t know what to pick, I would suggest going with Qt, being still actively developped with a quite large community to help.

More cross-platform options can be GTK+ or WxWidgets.



Thanks a lot Tim,
What about using WPF and C#?
And also what about using 3d_slicer libraries? Do you have any suggestion?

I have no experience with C# nor WPF, so I can’t tell you if it’s possible.

Regarding Slicer, I guess it would depend on what you want to do.
If you “just” want to have an interface for some processing, creating a module/plug-in for slicer would be great to profit from all the other possibilities (I/O, basic processing, visualization, etc.).
If you want to do your own standalone app that “looks like Slicer” (it uses Qt btw), you may have a look at the Slicer code, but there are many parts that won’t be useful to you.

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Thank you so much