status of ITK+GPU ?

(ncullen93) #1

What is the status of ITK-GPU development? Is there anyone currently working on it? Seems like some OpenCL stuff… any CUDA updates besides the small Cuda ITK project released a few years ago?

(Matt McCormick) #2

Hi Nick,

One of the promising efforts is ITKArrayFire, but this is very much a WIP.

We have another ITK performance discussion coming which would be a good time to discuss more:

Next ITK October Performance Confab

(nick cullen) #3

hm, i see. very interested in this… i guess i’ll bring it up at that meeting then. thx :slight_smile:

(Gordian) #4


is there any progress with the integration of ITKArrayFire?

How does the performance discussion ended?

(Matt McCormick) #5

Hi @Gordian,

My development on ITKArrayFire is currently on hold, but if you or some else would like to take it up, I would be happy to discuss next steps.