Smoothing Surface


I met a problem when using itkSmoothingQuadEdgeMeshFilter.
I want to use this filter to smooth a mesh, and I want to have a new mesh which is outside the original one.

However, the new mesh I got is inside the original one.
Here is a figure: the white wireframe is my original mesh, and the white solid surface is the new one using itkSmoothingQuadEdgeMeshFilter.

I am wondering if there is a parameter I should set or any other filters I should use.

Thank you in advance.

Closed meshes have a tendency to shrink when smoothed. Methods which avoid shrinkage are usually computationally expensive.

You might consider processing you mesh in VTK, which has multiple smoothing algorithms. If you are deriving your mesh from in image, you are probably better off using cuberille module.

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