Slicer 4.10.2 missing editor module ?!

hi all,
I am pretty new to slicer and this is my first time to use it. I could not find editor in modules pull down list, there is one module Called segmentation editor but that is different than Editor, I tried to install the package editor from manager but there is none under Editor!
Any idea where is Editor and if they have replaced it with something else please guide me through how to launch it from welcome view


Hi @sag,
welcome to the community.

Although many folks in the ITK community use 3D Slicer and may be able to answer some related questions, note that ITK is not 3D Slicer. ITK is a building block of 3D Slicer along with many other invaluable tools, but ITK does not provide any GUI/editor.

You may want to post your question in the 3D Slicer discourse community.



Right, Slicer :heart: ITK but they are different and as @jhlegarreta says, you should try to pick the right forum for your questions.

But since we’re here, the old Editor is retired to the Legacy submenu now. Use the :mag_right: icon to search for it. But once you learn the Segment Editor we think you will really like it more.


Hi @pieper,

Thanks I will do that