sitk.GetImageFromArray Unsupported number of dimesions specified by size:

when I try to open any file type .nii or nii.gz I get the same error:

in GetImageFromArray(arr, isVector)

3443 # SimpleITK throws an exception if the image dimension is not supported
-> 3444 img = Image( shape, id, number_of_components )
3446 _SimpleITK._SetImageFromArray( z.tostring(), img )

3726 “”"
-> 3727 this = _SimpleITK.new_Image(*args)
3728 try:
3729 self.this.append(this)

sitk :: ERROR: Unsupported number of dimensions specified by size: [7928811]!

I tried resetting python but it doesn’t work.

The same file in a different machine opens it with simpleitk what can have happened?