sitk dev install without building

It looks like the dev conda packages are out of date, is building SimpleITK from source the best best towards getting the latest sitk developments or is there a easier way?

it also looks like cdash only does nightly on centos?

This was helpful:

Hello @kayarre,

As you noted, you can install the latest version via pip from our “latest development binaries”. You can also do the pip install in anaconda (I suspect you already know this). We only update the anaconda cloud binaries with release candidates on the dev channel and official releases on the main channel.

after investigating further I think the main issue is that there is a consistency mismatch or ‘mentioned here and not mentioned there’ issue. Thank you for the reply, Would a documentation pull request that explains this difference be worthwhile?

The posting of the latest releases on github is a relatively new feature thanks to @blowekamp, so we haven’t updated our documentation yet (ok, and I forgot about it too :)).

A documentation pull request would be greatly appreciated, the relevant location would be on our installation instructions page.

How to download the latest development binaries is documented here:

And on the latest GH release:

What is not consistent?

cdash info in the release documentation doesn’t make sense and is different in master docs and /releases/tag/latest doesn’t have easy button from the github main page.

I think its the difference between versions:


release talks about:
Nightly binaries talks about cdash which doesn’t really make sense to me how to use.

master has the more up to date info. with getting development version going.

So it’s the noob in me that doesn’t know how to use readthedocs sweet versioning bar on the lower left hand corner.

Why doesn’t github have an easy button to get to the releases page?