SimpleTK installation on windows vs2019/vs2017

Hi all,
I believe this is the worst happened to me trying to use SimpleITK suite open source. I am trying to use SimpleITK just like ITK and vtk with c++ on windows or Ubuntu machines. I firstly attempted on windows. Source code SimpleITK-2.0.2, SimpleITK-2.1.0 from releases site, turned-off all wrapping release/debug/minsizerelease using visual studio 2017/2019. all failure for different reasons,
I did follow @blewkamp installation page for SimpleITK with CMake and visual studio 2017 and I did not get to have install package to build it and install SimpleITK and by surprise there was no libraries and include files I did not know where there are?! I did set CMake source to SuperBuild!! it is been week everyday stuck on this. I did try to install SimpleITK on my Ubuntu machine and I failed on that in third party dh5 module with HSTinit.c file exited the build process?! I did several attempts on ubuntu as well. no luch ?
my ITK is ITK5.2 and it is installed on my windows machine! but SimpleITK does not install?

  1. I need a valid source code to build and I don’t know what is the latest version? I am getting emails from @matt.mccormick and @blowekamp I cannot figure out what is the latest version because all of them are about python install and I am at this point just interested in C++ without wrapping!
  2. I need the precise instruction how to cmake, against (SuperBuild, I never did this before in ITK/VTK and set source to entire source code and worked like charm, install project was there and I build that and ran it and everything installed in windows system, path set, … ) with SuperBuild as source for CMake I am not getting any libraries or include files no installation package to install and SuperBuild in visual studio does not install them automatically, even though still if I get errors.
  3. I use CMake from Kitware which is MICROSOFT version and I know that is the version to use for sure!, visual studio 2017/2019 ? which one.

any help appreciated


Here’s how I do a SimpleITK Superbuild on Windows:

cd c:\
git clone
mkdir c:\SimpleITK-build
cd c:\SimpleITK-build
cmake c:\SimpleITK\Superbuild
cmake --build . --config Release

Before the 2nd cmake, you can edit the CMakeLists.txt file to turn off all the wrapping. You might also want to add the ‘\MP’ flag to CMAKE_C_FLAGS and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS to turn on parallel compiling.

When it’s done compiling, the libraries should be in C:\SimpleITK-build\SimpleITK-build\lib\Release.

I use VS 2019, but 2017 should work fine too.

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