SimpleITK Tag

How can I add a SimpleITK tag to this topic?

I don’t know whether there are tags. Would it make sense to add a category SimpleITK?

When the topic is created, tags can be added in the lower left. After creation, click the edit button.

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We could also create a category under “Community” for projects like SimpleITK like Slicer.

We could, if that category ever starts getting crowded. Until then, let’s keep it as it is? Especially if tags can be given by the thread authors.

It appears that I can not create a “new” tag. I can only choose one from the list.

@blowekamp, I have added a simpleitk tag to this thread. This means the simpleitk tag will now be available.

The default trust

to create a tag was 3. It has been changed to 1 – please try again.