SimpleITK on alternate HW arches (ppc64le/aarch64)

Hi ITK community!
I’ve been running SimpleITK on ppc64le (IBM Power9 systems) and it builds and runs great. I was thinking it would be easier to contribute back for me and my team if there was a Travis job that would build on ppc64le like there is on Circle for the other arch’s. Travis does have ppc64le build queues now (conda-forge uses it).

I see there is a (old and probably unused) .travis file in the repo already. That could be a starting point.

Is there any interest in this for ppc64le and/or for other alternate architectures like aarch64 (ARM)?



Hello jayfurmanek,

Cool! Glad to hear you are having success with ITK!

It would be a great contribution to enable Power 9 build when topics are merged in to master.

I’d recommend enabling the travis on your fork and starting to test it there. Building SimpleITK is time consuming and I don’t know how the travis systems will perform. I’d start with enabling shared libraries and disabling all wrapping i.e. BUILD_SHARED_LIBS:BOOL=ON and WRAP_DEFAULT:BOOL=OFF. Also make sure you are using all the cores during the build with the “-j” make file flag.

Cool. I’ll give it a shot on a fork and let you know.

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Quick question:
Does the conda build ( get kicked off from the circleCI builds, or is that just done manually at release time?

Those are just done manually at release time. We may explore using Azure Pipelines in the future.

Gotcha. The conda recipe builds on ppc64le without any changes. If those builds get patched in, we could have Travis build the ppc64le conda packages as well.