SimpleITK Euler3D Transform, Adjust Image Origin and Direction

Hi board,

I have a 3D volume that I registered to another volume with ITK’s registration methods. My moving->fixed transformation is an Euler3DTransform.

I’d like to adjust the Origin and Direction of my moving image with the Euler3DTransform while maintaining the size and spacing of the moving image. I don’t need to resample the moving image, just adjust the information about its spatial position.

To adjust the Origin I’ve used:
tmpOrigin = myOriginalImage.GetOrigin()
newOrigin = tform.TransformPoint(tmpOrigin))

Is there an easy way in SimpleITK to apply my Euler3DTransform and adjust the Direction of the image?

See PR2249 and comments therein.

If you are up for it, you could add itkResampleInPlaceImageFilter.h into ITK, probably into Transform module. PR2249 could then be closed in favor of that.

I might take a crack at it, but I’ve never built SimpleITK from scratch. I can handle building and wrapping ITK but for SimpleITK I currently use the version in Ubuntu’s Apt repository.

This is the filter that I would like to use though.