SimpleITK build in windows 10

Hi All,

I am stuck in the build and installation of simpleitk inside a docker container Linux.
I am trying to figure out couple of things, so I decided to install the simpleitk in the windows hopefully the latest version. I did succeed to install 43 projects and 6 failed. I did uncheck all the wrapping alltogether! I am seeing errors such as ThreaderEnum enumeration class type which is not there inside the sitkMultiThreaderBase.h class defined as a class, this object is called inside the sitkProcessObject.cxx, I search on the SimpITK doc and found out this is the ITK version 5.3?! the last version release back in month of may from Matt was 5.2?! what is going on here and how didn’t I get the latest version of the the ITK, and why not Multithreading is not supported in the version of ITK I have? am I missing something here?
the modules failing is common, IO, BasicFilters, itkMeanImageFilter.hxx from its-5.0???!!!in my old build of SimpleITK installed in Program Files?! what is going on here itk-5.0 should be uninstalled first and then build and install the current version I am building? how come I am getting the latest version of SimpleITK but during build in vs2017 it is looking for my old installed itk version (5.0) and some error some method does not take zero parameter

  1. cloned
  2. CMake for windows 3.20.x used to configure and generate visual studio 2017 solution for SimpleITK
  3. using vs2017 community
  4. unchecked all of the wrappings altogether
  5. unchecked Examples

any suggestions will be appreciated. in meantime I will remove the old ITK install inside program files and rebuild the SimpleITK.


It is strongly recommended that you use the super build: