SimpleElastix build issues

Hey @sag,

Right now I am running into the same problem. However, I am a bit confused, what paths should I define for PYTHON _EXECUTABLE PYTHON _INCLUDE_DIR PYTHON _LIBRARY? I still have anaconda3.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @i.v.prgrmmr,

To build SimpleITK for anaconda, please use the conda build recipe, as mentioned above. Instructions on how to build the the latest master branch can be found in that repository’s

This is different from building SimpleITK for vanilla Python.


Thanks for the reply @zivy! Is the simple elastix module also included installing it this way??

Is the simple elastix module also installed using the conda recipe approach? Thanks in advance!

Hello @i.v.prgrmmr,

Now I understand the confusion/issue.

SimpleElastix is not SimpleITK. That project used SimpleITK, but instead of using a new package name, i.e. SimpleElastix, they copied over the SimpleITK source, added functionality and kept the name SimpleITK.

For build issues with SimpleElastix please use that project’s issue tracker.