'SetSpacing': is not a member of 'itk::VesselTubeSpatialObject<2>'

Error C2039 ‘SetSpacing’: is not a member of ‘itk::VesselTubeSpatialObject<2>’ [D:\W4-rel\S-bld\Slicer-build\E\TubeTK\Applications\SegmentTubeUsingMinimalPath\SegmentTubeUsingMinimalPathLib.vcxproj] Slicer D:\W4\S-rel\S-bld\TubeTK\Base\Segmentation\itktubeSegmentTubesUsingMinimalPathFilter.hxx 364

Hello I am upgrading ITK4.4 to latest ITK version. While building I got above error.
In latest version of ITK, SetSpacing and GetSpacing methods are deprecated. May I know how can i solve the above error.

Actually the method is called at itktubeSegmentTubesUsingMinimalPathFilter.hxx line number 364

typename TubeType::Pointer pTube = TubeType::New(); //line number 361
pTube->SetPoints(tubePointList); //line number 362
pTube->ComputeTangentAndNormals(); //line number 363
pTube->SetSpacing(tubeSpacing); //line number 364
pTube->SetId(i); //line number 365

Please let me know how to solve this issue.

Hi @Mahesh_Timmanagoudar ,

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The Spatial Objects Refactoring section of the ITK 5 Migration Guide may provide helpful information.

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