Set Minimum Python Version to 3.6

ITK Community,

There is a need to define the minimum python version that is currently supported for building and deploying ITK.

Python 3.5 will reach its " end of life " at the end of September 2020. If there are no security patches filed for Python 3.5 after the release of Python 3.5.10, then Python 3.5 . 10 will be the final release of the 3.5 series.

Additionally, ITK python wrapping requires numpy, and numpy 1.19 (the current version) only supports python 3.6-3.8.

I propose that the minimum supported Python version is 3.6. Please provide comments regarding your support or concerns regarding this proposal.




Also, Python 3.9 is now out, and we are adding support for 3.9 – it is time move on from 3.5.

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