Run tests for single modules

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is there an option to turn on/off only some module tests?

Example: I would like to test itkOptimizer and nothing else but the CMake option BUILD_TESTING turn on all tests of all modules. Therefore, I have many new projects in the solution which slows the IDE down.

If the test creation behavior different in remote modules?

Hello @Gordian

To run tests just for the ITKOptimizer module, specify the ITKOptimizer label to ctest:

ctest -L ITKOptimizer

The same can be done for remote modules. Or, a remote module can be built outside the build tree (externally), in which case only its tests will be available.


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Hello @matt.mccormick,

Thank you for your help.

Considering this and the other question I had about updating remote modules, I decided to make RTK an external module for easier building and testing.

One question remain about the visibility of header in a VS solution (This seems to be the same for ITK and RTK since the later is an remote module of the former). For RTK there is another project called RTK-all that contains the header fiiles. The header files for the ITKCudaCommon project are hidden.

How do I put the ITKCudaCommon headers in such a project?

I guess there is a cmake option but I havent figured out which one.

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To make a list of headers visible in Visual Studio IDE, the headers need to be added to some target in the same way as sources. I guess that’s not done for ITKCudaCommon. To accomplish that, you will need to modify ITKCudaCommon's CMake code.