RTK users guid book, any book for RTK Reconstruction with examples

Thank you in advance, I am looking for a RTK reconstruction 2d/3d that teaches about how to reconstruct from projections 2d/3d objects. explain the pipeline how to make things happen in RTK for different 3d reconstruction methods, any articles and pdf, books


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Have you seen RTK’s website?

@simon.rit might point your further, too.

@dzenanz Yes I have seen RTK’s website but couldn’t find a end to end description of the pipeline and neither am able to find an example which reads some projection images or sinogram to reconstruct the slice or volume.
Please help.
@sag is your problem solved?

RTK lacks a good doc but many users have managed to find essential information from what’s available. The doxygen documentation provides some important information, e.g., on the geometry class. There are a few command line applications and we have published some examples on the wiki. There aren’t c++ examples but looking at the code of these applications (in the applications directory), you’ll understand how to use most of the filters.
We are planning on writing a few c++ and python examples to improve all this but we have limited ressources and we are doing our best! We’ll keep you posted… At this time, RTK has its own mailing list, it will be more efficient if you write there.

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