Rotating an Oblique Image

I have been trying to rotate an image that has quaterion coordinates and is in an oblique reference frame, but I am not entirely sure how this is done. When I apply the same rotations (two rotations about the x and y axes) to a non-oblique image, it ends up in the proper orientation. However, when trying with the image with the quaterion rotations, it ends up slightly off tilt (almost like a picture off center in a picture frame). The images in question are 3D images and I have been trying both the VersorTransform and the Eurler3DTransform for the rotations, but with no success with the oblique images.

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Some screenshots would be helpful to understand your problem.

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Sure thing. Here is the snippet of code that I am using. Essentially I am rotating in two axis, and I have confirmed this does work when the images are not in an oblique view. The images are starting in ASL orientation and I am rotating them into SLA orientation. Below are the images with the quaternion values taken all screen shot from ITK-Snap. The left image is the one with the quaterion angles and the right is the one that worked properly.

    euler = sitk.Euler3DTransform()
    a = np.array([[1., 0, 0],
                  [0, 0, 1.],
                  [0, -1., 0]])

    b = np.array([[0, 1., 0],
                  [-1., 0, 0],
                  [0, 0, 1.]])

    c = np.matmul(b, a)


    old_direction = np.array(img.GetDirection()).reshape(3, 3)
    new_direction = np.matmul(c, old_direction)

    image_shape = img.GetSize()

    resample = sitk.ResampleImageFilter()

    resample.SetSize([image_shape[2], image_shape[0], image_shape[1]])

    img_resampled = resample.Execute(img)

itk-snap%20bad%20rotation%20quaterion itk-snap%20bad%20rotation itk-snap%20good%20rotation