Review module fate...

Before ITKv5 comes out we should figure out what to do with the Review module, and the classes in it.

  • LevelSets - There are a group of level set filters in the Review directory for multiphase and ChanAndVese live-sets, which should make a nice separate remote modules. This was the prior version to the ITKv4 level-set framework, and was contributed through a couple Insight Journal articles.

  • JPEG2000 - I have not used this IO, perhaps should be a standalone remote?

  • LabelGeometryImageFilter - The functionality of this filter can be achieved with the LabelMap framework. I have had some problems with this implementation not correctly taking into consideration image spacing and the direction matrix. Perhaps is should be deprecated?

That should cut the size of the remaining files in the module down at least by half.

I’m going to start tacking the level-set module as time permits this week…

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The Review module classes could be migrated into Remote modules or into the standard toolkit modules, depending on the class. These time and effort required for these contributions are welcome :sunny: