ResampleDICOM example and DCMTK no output

Dear all,
I have the same problem as in this post:
in short, no output.
The problem started when I tried to load large micro CT (13GB) to 3D Slicer. Slicer reported default spacing and origin [1,1,1] and [0,0,0].
I tried to use ITK directly but I got the same error. I found the above post so I used it. The good news, DCMTK report correct spacing and origin. The bad news, when I do resampling, I got the same error in the post, no output.
I did a work around by saving the dicom to nrrd file then use Slicer to produce a dicom again when needed but it would be nice if the code above works.

Hi Ibraheem,

In the latest Slicer Nightly, it can optionally use ITK with a DCMTK backend instead of ITK with a GDCM backend, which should be helpful in your case.


CC: @fedorov @lassoan @jcfr @pieper

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cool, I will give it a try. Thanks for the info.

Just tried it. It works perfect. Thanks again