Rendering Volume from series of DICOM images

Hi every body,
I wanna to load a series of DICOM images and rendering them.
I use ITK for reading them and VTK for rendering. I used the code:
But I get this Error:
Error: no override found for ‘vtkRayCastImageDisplayHelper’.

I did some search and I found that I should add:
#include “vtkAutoInit.h”
#define VTK_MODULE_INIT (vtkRenderingVolume)
#define VTK_MODULE_INIT (vtkRenderingOpenGL2)
just before my main function. But I still have the same error.

Any suggestion would be helpful.

As the error is coming from VTK part of the code, that is more of a question for VTK mailing list.

But I would guess that the example was written with one version of VTK in mind, and you are trying to compile it against another (newer or older) version.

@rasoul Alternatively, if no processing on the image is required, you may find useful having a look at the VTK Examples site, and specifically, you may want to try the ReadDICOMSeries example.

If you need to process the image (e.g. resampling, etc.), you may find useful examples in the ITK Examples site. You could read the image using ITK, then do your processing, the use VTK to visualize it.


Thanks for your reply,
Do you have any other suggestion for rendering series of DICOM images(Using ITK or other libraries)?

For visualization purposes, VTK is definitely the best choice.