Relationship between DICOM coordinate system and IEC 61217 coordinate system

Do anyone know what’s the relationship between the DICOM coordinate system used by ITK and IEC 61217 coordinate system such as gantry coordinate system, beam limiting device coordinate system, etc? How can I transform between them using ITK? I’m confused about them for a long time. Any comments are welcomed.

3D Slicer’s SlicerRT extension contains full IEC 61217 / DICOM mapping. The most relevant file for you is probably this one:

If you work with ITK and radiation therapy then you may SlicerRT useful, as it contains infrastructure for import/export/visualize/edit all RT data (structure sets, plans, images, beams, dose maps, dose volume histograms, transformations), evaluate/compare/create plans, apply transforms, accumulate dose, etc. All free, restriction-free, open-source, fully usable from Python or C++. See more information at

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@lassoan Thanks for your useful information.