registration of simple matrices of point

Hello everybody,

in my project we work with medical images of biopsies. Upstream, they analyze such images and convert the important features in CSV format. I find myself then with big data frames, containing the positions of the cells of these biopsies.
In my latest project I need to (repeatedly) overlap the coordinates of two consecutive slices (literal slice of tissue) for many different biopsies.
So I find myself with the coordinates (x,y) of the first image and the coordinate of the second image (just simple matrices of x y coordinates).
I need to account for translation and rotation, but I don’t know in advance these parameters.
First question, am I in the right place here? Are there some routine in ITK that will help me with this task?
Second… I tried to read the documentation but I find myself in difficulty. I cannot find anything regarding the registration of two matrices of points.

Could somebody help please?

Yes, you can use ITK. Take a look at this example and this discussion. RANSAC is a bit newer addition, highlighted in v5.3.0 release announcement.

Thank you for the links and examples. I have one doubt though, in my case I do not have a correspondence one to one of each point, meaning, not only the points may be moved but I can have a different number of points in one data frame. In fact, the image are obtained from slices of tissue, and different slices, although they resemble one another in terms of overall shape, do not contains the same cells (positions, and number of).
Would this code still work with such a conditions?

Thanks in advance.

I do remember that some things require corresponding points, but some don’t. Another related discussion.