registration of 50 3D scans in order to create an average scan

Hi All,

I will have 6x50 3D scans of feet. I need to register the 50 scans in each group so the corresponding vertices align so I can calculate average foot scan for each group.
Any ideas how I can do non-rigid transformations to achieve this. I know this has been done before in the below paper but the author is not writing back to me.

Thank you.

Matyas Varga PhD student

Hello @vmatyas

I can recommand this Kitware blog post. It explains how to create an active shape model (in 2D, but 3D is quite straightforward) which will give exactly what you want (a shape average), given that you can have the delineation of the foot as it works on binary images.



Thank you… i think the average is not necessarily the problem, I can make that work in Matlab. I am mainly trying to find a way to effectively do the high number of mesh (I guess “similarity”) registrations (non-rigid) and optimising vertex correspondence between scans.

Thank you.