Registration and StreamingImageFilter

Hello, I need to register multi GB 3D images and my workstation is running out of memory all the time. In the documentation I have found the class StreamingImageFilter that can be used to process large images piece by piece. However, I could not find any example where the StreamingImageFilter is used in combination with the image registration framework.

Question: Is it possible to combine streaming with the ITK image registration framework?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi Marvin,

Welcome to the ITK Community! :sunny:

I am working on a proposal to create a streaming image registration framework. If this is a need that you or others in the community would like addressed, along with more community ITK support, please consider adding your name to our joint community letter of support.


Hello Matt,

thanks for your reply, Iā€™m looking forward to ITK streaming registration. In the meantime, I will try lcreg.


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