Registering several non-orthogonal slices into volume

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I am using ITK and SimpleITK in Python. I would like to register multiple slices with known relative orientation into a volume. I found this page with similar topic
However I don’t have orthogonal slices and I tried the method of pasting the slices into a volume anyway but the error is high and for the proposition to “modify a similarity metric to accept multiple images” I just didn’t find any ITK documentation or example from which to deduce how to do that…

Any help would be appreciated!

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Welcome to the community Sandra!

Plus has an implementation of merging slices in arbitrary orientations into a volume. It is based on VTK, not ITK, but you could probably use it as a building block since it is open source too.

@lassoan answered the question you linked, and is the maintainer of Plus. He might have additional suggestions for you.

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Yes, Plus toolkit’s VolumeReconstructor does exactly this. See some details in this answer to a similar question. If you have any specific question about Plus toolkit, submit an issue to its issue tracker.