reading dynamic or gated SPECT images

I need to read SPECT dynamic or gated images in DICOM format. In contrast to MR CT and PET where the data is spread over multiples files (with for each 2D slice), SPECT images are usually stored in a single file.

For single volumes, I’m currently using code extracted from Examples/IO/DicomSeriesReadImageWrite2.cxx. Actual code is here
I guess I could see what happens if I set the type to itk::Image<float,4> but I thought I’d ask first!

Also, any pointers to read the meta-info, including acquisition-time etc would be highly appreciated. (currently we just read the PatientPosition, see here)

Hi Kris,

For single-file DICOM images, multi-frame DICOM files, itk::ImageFileReader can be used.