Reading DICOM-RT tags

Hi everyone,

I am trying to automatically extract tags from an RT file, however ITK doesn’t directly support this kind of format.
I really don’t need to extract/use the contours, I just need to find the information contained in certain tags.
What would be the best approach? I know that DCMTK supports such format, and that there is a third party module dedicated to this library but I also read on Discourse that it may not work properly…

Is that an RT-STRUCT file? There are several libraries that support reading and tag extraction of DICOM tags (Pydicom, Matlab etc), or are you looking for an application?

I would like to obtain this inside of a C++ application that also uses ITK

As I’ve said in the linked post, the binding of DCMTK to the usual reader/io pipeline is broken. But you can use the ITK-built DCMTK directly, with its own syntax. I don’t know how it behaves with RT-struct though, I’ve only used it for images.

Ok, I will try to rebuild ITK with DCMTK and use its syntax directly.
I will let you know if this works, thanks

This one might be an option