Reading DICOM-RT files


I’d like to read DICOM-RT Structure Set files in my application. Is the method described in the paper below the best way to do this using ITK?

The paper uses some basic GDCM APIs to convert DICOM-RT files into images. I just want to confirm that this is still the best way, and there are no higher-level filters or classes for the task in ITK.


I don’t think ITK can create high-quality surfaces from the usual poor-quality RT contours (planar contours with large spacing, potentially with branches, keyholes, etc). There is a contour converter class in 3D Slicer’s SlicerRT extension that you may use: either take the parts that you need (mostly in this class) or use 3D Slicer’s end-to-end solution for DICOM RT structure set, dose map, plan, and image import/export, visualization, and analysis. 3D Slicer contains ITK (accessible from both C++ and Python), so you should be able to use ITK within Slicer to do any kind of processing or analysis.


You can also consider command line converter provided in Plastimatch:

If you compare both approaches, it would be good if you could share your experience!

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I reopen that topic because I am in a similar case.
I also want to read my DICOM-RT structure set files with sitk, but I don t know how.

Could you explain how can I use Plastimatch on python to convert RT and read them

I am a beginner in using python and sitk

I figure it out how to do it but still facing some issues…
i run :

“plastimatch convert
–input structures.dcm
–output-ss-img outfile.nrrd
–output-ss-list outfile.txt”

and that s the error they are showing me :

[nrrd] nrrdSave: couldn’t fopen(“outfile.nrrd”,“wb”): Permission denied
save_ss_img: save_ss_list
Could not open ss_list file for write: outfile.txt

Why isn t it working ?

Try putting full paths there, such as C:/image/outfile.nrrd. You might be running as ordinary user, and might not have permission to write to whatever is the current directory.

C:\Program Files\Plastimatch>plastimatch convert --input RT_essai.dcm --output-ss-img C:/Program Files/Plastimatch/outfile.nrrd --output-ss-list outfile.txt
Error. Unknown option Files/Plastimatch/outfile.nrrd

When the path has spaces, you need to put it in quotes ... --output-ss-img "C:/Program Files/Plastimatch/outfile.nrrd" --output-ss-list ...

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now it works, it convert the RT file but don t know why it cannot save it ??

Preformatted textitk::ExceptionObject (000000646C4FE2B0)
Location: "unknown"
File: C:\Users\grego\build\src\InsightToolkit-4.13.2\Modules\IO\NRRD\src\itkNrrdImageIO.cxx
Line: 1123
Description: itk::ERROR: NrrdImageIO(0000018EE9CE9480): Write: Error writing C:/Program Files/Plastimatch/_11F06DD_Y5_M6_P50_/outfile.nrrd:
[nrrd] nrrdSave: couldn't fopen("C:/Program Files/Plastimatch/_11F06DD_Y5_M6_P50_/outfile.nrrd","wb"): Permission denied

save_ss_img: save_ss_list
Could not open ss_list file for write: outfile.txt

this is what it says

You should be running the program as an administrator in order to write to C:/Program Files/, as it is a known system directory. Also possible reason: the path C:/Program Files/Plastimatch/_11F06DD_Y5_M6_P50_/ does not exist, so no file in it could be written.

The path do exist and i am the administrator.
Even if i remove the path, it says the same thing

Maybe pick another path? I am administrator too, and I can’t write into some folders e.g. C:\, so I write into C:\a\, as a short path which is easy to type.

By “running the program as an administrator” I meant invoke it from a command prompt which was started as an administrator:
Screenshot 2020-04-07 12.06.28

I ran the prompt as an Administrator and it worked.
Apparently I wasn t the admin before…

Thank you

Being a user with administrative privileges is not the same as special account “Administrator”.

I guess Microsoft’s programmers concluded that people are mostly having administrator privileges and reserved a few operations for “Administrator” account only.