Reading 2d png image stack to 3d volume rendering

Hello Everyone,
I am new to itk.js and volume rendering as a whole. I was able to create a 3d volume from 2d png image stack in vtk python. Now i want to run the same thing in vtk.js and use itk.js to read the image stack and render it using vtk.js in my application as vtk.js doesnt have vtkpngreader function. But I have no clue to how to proceed with that. Any help, guidance or tutorials will greatly be appreciated.

You should search for itk.js DICOM example, as that should be the most similar to your case (replace DICOMs by your PNGs). First hit on this forum.

Hello @Saptarshi_Paul ,

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Please try readImageFileSeries from this PR:

and let us know how it goes.

Hello Matt,

I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for the reply. I really appreciate your help and it worked. I apologize for the late reply.