readImageDICOMFileSeries() reports 'filepath is undefined' on browser console

I’m new to Javascript and ITK. I started by cloning the ITK-JS repository, and am working thru the examples.

My objective – from my browser, to read all of the images in a directory (an MR series) into a single ITK image (3D volume).

I started with the ‘webpack’ example in the ITK-JS example – got that working in my browser.

I then: 1. Changed the index.html to enable multiple for the <input type='file'> element. I confirmed that worked properly by writing the contents of the FileList object to the html element, and got that working with the ‘readFile()’; then 2. Replaced the ‘readFile(null, files[0])’ with ‘readImageDICOMFileSeries(null, files)’.

When I run the code with the ‘readImageDICOMFileSeries()’ I get the console message: “TypeError: filePath is undefined”. (NOTE: If I use ‘readImageDicomFileSeries(null, files[0])’ that does not give an error).

I have tried several variants, but always seem to get the same error. Here is my current code:

  //  read the images
  // return readFile(null, files[0])  // -- this line works
  return readImageDICOMFileSeries(null, files)  // the causes TypeError: filePath is undefined 
              const {image}=worker;
              let mFile = JSON.stringify(image) ;

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Doug,

This example may be a helpful reference:

Worth verifying – the import statement is importing itk/readImageDICOMFileSeries instead of itk/readImageFile.

Hope this helps,

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