Python Wrapping build error

I can build ITK from development sources fine, but when I turn on Python wrapping I get a few errors of the sort:
[ 29%] Generating …/…/itkLevelSetNode.xml
In file included from /home/melrobin/packages/ITK/build/Wrapping/itkLabelContourImageFilter.cxx:16:
In file included from /home/melrobin/packages/ITK/Modules/Filtering/ImageLabel/include/itkLabelContourImageFilter.h:22:
/home/melrobin/packages/ITK/Modules/Filtering/ImageLabel/include/itkScanlineFilterCommon.h:136:16: error:
use of undeclared identifier ‘m_LineMap’
MapBegin = m_LineMap.begin();

How can everything build fine, but wrapping cause these errors?

That must have been caused by some recent code refactoring. I will try building with Python wrapping and fix the errors.

The answer lies in conditional compilation:

Does this patch fix it for you?

OK, I’m going to give this a short and reply back.

The patch fixed the build problem.