Proper way to resample a 3D image


I have acquired my 3D image z-stack, from z=0 to z=70, total of 71 slices on the z-axis. I have another image that I had a spacing of 2, and acquired from z=0 to z=70, so 36 slices on the z-axis.

I am following the resample 3D image example to upsample the second image to the first image, Resample an Image — v5.3.0 but following the calculation, I end up of having a slightly less spacing of 2. I am a bit confused how to handle this correctly such that I can truly “align” the two images.

Thank you very much for your help!

You might be dividing n/2 instead of (n-1)/2, or something similar. If it is a one-off operation, you might want to use Resample Image (BRAINS) module in Slicer. Use the hi-res image as reference and not setting a transform should imply identity (which is what you want).

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Thank you! Embarassing, indeed, I was using n/2 instead of (n-1)/2, and by fixing this everything was in line!

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