Problem when opening a big TIF file


I am doing mouse brains alignement to the Allen Brain Atlas. Samples are optically cleared and images are obtained on a light sheet microscope. I use ITK Elastix for registration.

It works nicely on small files (25x25x25 um voxel : 100 Mo in size).

However, when I am trying to apply the transformation to a high resolution data set of 70 Go, I have a problem: I cannot open the file at all:

  • when trying to change the voxel spacing, it works on small size file but not on the big one.

If I crop the big one, it is opened correctly… That makes me think that the data type is good, but that it is some sort of memory problem.

I am working on Windows 10, with 512 Go Ram.

Is there an image size limit?

Thank you very much for your help!!