Possibly incorrect files / file placement in install directory

Hi all,

With bug #424 fixed (thanks!), I’ve been able to build ITK master for the first time in months.

I noticed a few weird things after installing it:

  1. the root of the install folder contains a file “vcl_compiler_detection.h”. Should that be in the “include” folder instead?

  2. the “include” folder contains files named:


Their extensions suggest they maybe don’t belong in there?


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vcl_compiler_detection.h comes from VXL. Look at https://github.com/vxl/vxl/pull/601 if you want to experiment with install location. Of course, suggestions in form of a PR are highly recommended :smile:

TestDriver*.inc files probably belong there, but README.md probably doesn’t. But this is not a high priority issue.

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Here is a patch to fix the vcl_compiler_detection.h installation path:

Here is a patch to fix the unintentional installation of that README.md: