Point selection within itkwidgets

I am generating a 2/3 dimensional array of glyphs which are being visualised within Jupyter Notebooks using itkwidgets

Something along the line of

self.glyphs = vtk.vtkGlyph3D()
projectionView   = itkwidgets.view(geometries=self.glyphs.GetOutput())

Is there a way to be able to click on particular data points within the widget and determine information on that point.
This is available using vtk (vtkInteractorStyleTrackballCamera) but was wondering if something of the sort was available here too. Cannot find any information.

Many thanks

Clicking on geometries or points is not implemented in itkwidgets.

It would be nice to have. Feel free to open an an issue: GitHub - Kitware/itk-vtk-viewer: 2D / 3D web image, mesh, and point set viewer using itk-wasm and vtk.js

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