Patches for ITK 5.2.1

Hi folks,

The next patch (bugfix) release, ITK 5.2.1, is coming up.

Patches currently staged on the Git release branch are:

Bradley Lowekamp (7):
      BUG: Register ComposeScaleSkewVersor3DTransform transform
      BUG: Add tests demonstration current behavior of histogram based median
      BUG: Fix StatisticsLabelMap median for even number of pixels
      ENH: StatisticsLabelMapFilter use improve integer histogram
      ENH: Add additional testing for zero sized label object
      BUG: Fix HDF5 installation with cmake targets
      BUG: Propagate usage of HDF5 find_package NO_MODULE arg to install

Dženan Zukić (5):
      Revert "COMP: Use CMake 3.18.4 in macOS CI builds"
      COMP: Update KWStyle to fix compile warnings on Ubuntu 20.04
      BUG: add support for long long pixel types in PyBuffer
      COMP: Restore generation of static runtime library on MSVC
      ENH: fix Python multi-processing hang on unix

Lee Newberg (3):
      BUG: Ellipsis is not iterable
      ENH: Propagate StatisticsLabelMapFilter's default NumberOfBins
      ENH: Wrap itkAdaptiveHistogramEqualizationImageFilter for Python.

Matt McCormick (12):
      BUG: Add vnl_vector_from_array to extras __all__
      ENH: Update CastXML source builds to v0.4.3, LLVM 11.1.0
      ENH: Add CastXML binary for macOS arm64
      ENH: Add Linux arm64 CastXML binaries
      COMP: Backport CastXML arm64 Eigen support
      COMP: Do not add IPO to Python wrapping if not supported
      COMP: Only use np.float128 when available
      COMP: Make floating point exceptions a no-op with MUSL, Linux, ARMv8
      BUG: Do not create global multiprocessing RLock
      BUG: Support double colons in Changelog commit summary
      STYLE: Apply black to script
      COMP: Use numpy==1.20.3 for CI testing

Stephen R. Aylward (3):
      BUG: SpatialObject writes object color
      BUG: TubeSpatialObject missing CopyInformation
      BUG: TubeSpatialObject didn't preserver Artery flag

We also have:

Are there other patches that are missing? Patches should be critical bugfixes, improved support for compilers, and documentation fixes.

We should also consider these:

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We should also consider the update to GDCM done in this PR:

This may be the only patch needed to have ITK 5.2.1 work with GCC 11, but it should be tested to verified.


Thanks, @dzenanz @blowekamp !

The GDCM patch was backported along with a VXL update for GCC 11 support.

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