Patches for ITK 5.1.2

Hi folks,

The next patch (bugfix) release, ITK 5.1.2, is coming up.

Patches currently staged on the Git release branch are:

Bradley Lowekamp (4):
      COMP: Updating ITKSimpleITKFilters remote module
      BUG: Address divide by zero error in SignedMaurerDistance
      STYLE: Improve function types used in SignedMaurerDistanceMap
      BUG: Support MRC2014 mode 0 as signed 8-bit integer

Hans Johnson (1):
      BUG: itkhdf5 installed paths were incorrect with recent hdf5 versions

Lee Newberg (1):
      BUG: MinPriorityQueueElementWrapper constructor needs default constructor

Are there other patches that are missing? Patches should be critical bugfixes, improved support for compilers, and documentation fixes.

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@matt.mccormick Those are the patches that I am aware of that are needed. Thanks for the work and I’m looking forward to the tag!

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Would it be possible to still include this one with 5.1.2?

Discussed extensively at:

I don’t see why not. Please make a PR with it to the release branch. You will probably need to rebase it on release first to avoid pulling many other commits.

Thanks @dzenanz, please check (cherry-picked from the master branch):

Glad to see the SetFixedParameters fix has just made it into the v5.1.2 ITK tag Thank you @dzenanz and @matt.mccormick ! :smiley:

@lassoan Do you think the fix can soon be included with 3D Slicer?

By the way I see that there now appear two commits, “BUG: Fix MatrixOffsetTransformBase SetFixedParameters if too few params”, at the master branch: 33e9e6b and fcb85b3. How is that possible? They contain exactly the same commit text and code changes. (I just cherry-picked the one from the master branch for the release pull request, without doing any further modification.)

Merge of release branch into master branch discarded any duplicate change sets. I don’t know whether that was done automatically, or conflicts were resolved manually.