Patches for ITK 5.1.1

Hi folks,

The next patch (bugfix) release, ITK 5.1.1, is coming up.

Patches currently staged on the Git release branch are:

Antoine Robert (1):
      ENH: Use Numpy bridge with array of dimension 1

Bradley Lowekamp (14):
      BUG: Patch missing const qualifier to GDCM dircos_comp comparison
      BUG: Address bug with small size in output of SliceImageFilter
      BUG: Update CI scripts from current ITK master
      ENH: Update GDCM to latest on the release-2.8 branch
      BUG: update CircleCI configuration with selections from master
      BUG: Don't use InsertElement which modifies MTime
      BUG: Address buffer overflow with deprecated GDCM1 interface
      COMP: Add missing const qualifier
      BUG: Add StatisticsImageFilter::SetNumberOfStreamDivisions Python
      BUG: Disable dynamic threading in noise filter.
      BUG: Fix segfault with empty CompositeTransforms
      BUG: Fix additional segmentation faults with empty Composite
      COMP: Address missing brace initializer warning
      BUG: Address memory leak in CastSpatialOpbjectTest

Bryn Lloyd (1):
      COMP: Fix warning in PointSetToPointSetMetricv4 (#1820)

Davis Vigneault (1):
      BUG: Fix Segfault in Delaunay Filter

Dženan Zukić (9):
      ENH: use double-conversion's CMake targets
      COMP: a fix for non-system double-conversion build
      ENH: back-porting #1165 to support Visual Studio 2019
      COMP: update download location for pre-built ICU for Visual Studio
      STYLE: make column limit more stringent in the examples
      STYLE: apply clang-format
      DOC: restore LICENSE accidentally overwritten by a merge commit
      STYLE: rename libPNG's license to match the original one
      STYLE: remove duplicate item in a list

GDCM Upstream (1):
      GDCM 2019-11-04 (7e3be76f)

Hans Johnson (1):
      BUG: Double scaling introduced in refactoring

Jerome Schmid (1):
      COMP: VtkGlue module-Provide support for VTK new cmake targets

Jonathan Daniel (2):
      BUG: Accept TemplateTypeError with fallback_only
      ENH: Added .vs to .gitignore

Marco Nolden (1):
      COMP: added vcl compiler detection for GCC 10.x

Matt McCormick (18):
      COMP: Add VXL support for GCC 9
      COMP: Duplicate ImageToImageFilter wrapping of ULL
      BUG: Specify itk package in SWIG Python modules
      BUG: Simplify itk.BlockMatchingImageFilter feature points PointSet mangling
      BUG: Import C module from Python submodule
      BUG: ITKModuleExternal CMAKE_LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY when wrapping
      COMP: Avoid duplicate itk.PointSetD3 wrapping
      BUG: Wrap ExtractImageFilter for UL
      BUG: Support casting unsigned long pixel types in Python
      BUG: Empty image support in image_from_xarray
      BUG: Remove netnlib triangle classes
      BUG: Remove License incompatible netlib files from vxl updates
      COMP: Do not reference FE_DIVBYZERO FE_INVALID with Emscripten
      BUG: Add missing enumerate with multi-ndarray-output itk filters
      ENH: Bump CMakeLists.txt version to 4.13.3
      BUG: Do not wrap unsigned char for connected component output
      COMP: Add lxml to macOS CI environment

Stephen R. Aylward (1):
      BUG: CUFFTW paths were not being set and unnecessary FFTW files used

Zhiyuan Liu (1):
      DOC: improve helpers of itk.Filters.

Are there other patches that are missing? Patches should be critical bugfixes, improved support for compilers, and documentation fixes.


This is great and timely for a 5.1.1 patch release.

The issue @Niels_Dekker just reported looks like it may be appropriate for this patch release if completed soon:

Also I am working on some updates to the ITKSimpleITKFilters model needed for the next SimpleITK release. These should be completed this week then integrated and test early next week. I hope this will make it too.



@blowekamp thanks for the notes.

Tagging v5.1.1 is targeted for August 10th – if there are additional patches that have not been integrated into the release branch by August 9th, please add them to the ITK 5.1.2 Milestone for tracking in the following patch release.