Patches for ITK 5.0.1

Hi folks,

The next patch (bugfix) release, ITK 5.0.1, is planned for Tuesday, July 23.

Patches currently staged on the Git release branch are:

Bradley Lowekamp (8):
      BUG: Use ProcessObject GetInput to obtain base pointer
      BUG: Fix ProcessObject::RemoveOutput for null objects.
      ENH: Add testing for CastImageFilter for more type conversions
      BUG: Restore support for Cast between explicitly cast-ed pixel type
      BUG: Install FFTW headers in same location as ITK
      COMP: Fix not marked 'override' for ImageSink destructor
      BUG: Use enable_if with SFINAE to dispatch
      BUG: Specify specific CircleCI docker image with platform

Dženan Zukić (4):
      BUG: resample filter no longer triggers unnecessary exception
      COMP: forgotten class for ITKV4_COMPATIBILITY in 2aae174
      COMP: fix warning about missing override in CastImageFilter
      STYLE: Add ITK prefix to testing macros in release branch

Francois Budin (2):
      BUG: ImageBase regions and ImageRegion properties are returned as reference
      DOC: Add ITK 5.0 release notes

GenevieveBuckley (1):
      BUG: All exceptions must be derived from python's BaseException class

Matthew McCormick (14):
      BUG: Add test/CMakeLists.txt stub to NumPy bridge
      ENH: New content links for ITK 5.0.0
      STYLE: DeformableRegistration2 line length warnings
      COMP: SpatialObjectsHierarchy Software Guide newline
      COMP: Provide NumericTraits<complex<T>>::ZeroValue() definition
      BUG: Do not require PyBUF_WRITABLE in GetArrayViewFromImage
      DOC: Update supported Python versions warning
      BUG: Release the Python Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) during execution
      BUG: Add PEP 366 __package__ support to ITKLazyModule
      STYLE: Apply ITK Style Guidelines to itkPyCommand.cxx
      BUG: itk::PyCommand ensures the GIL state
      BUG: Support pickling LazyITKModule with cloudpickle
      BUG: Add Pipeline name to Azure configuration
      DOC: Update Azure Pipelines badge URL's

Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan (1):
      BUG: Fix COMPILE_DEFINITIONS of castxml

Stephen Aylward (4):
      ENH: Updated Spatial Object tex to match ITKv5
      BUG: Fixed spelling mistakes and use of plural member functions
      BUG: Fix grammar and naming mistakes in SpatialObject documentation
      DOC: Fixed expected output of examples and documentation

yjcchen0913 (1):
      BUG: Ensure strict weak ordering in HessianToObjectnessMeasure's sort

Are there other patches that are missing? Patches should be critical bugfixes, improved support for compilers, and documentation fixes.

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